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SingArts GA3C Upright Piano(Colourful Series), White Gloss Finish, Height 123cm

Model: SingArts GA3C
Color: White Gloss Finish
Dimensions: 152cm (W) x 123cm (H) x 62cm (D)
Keys: Ebony Keyboard
String: ROSLAU( Made in Germany)
Hammers: AMBIC(Made in Japan)
Action: 3rd Generation Fast Responsibility Action
Key Cover: Soft-Close Fallboard


SingArts pianos are made only with the finest materials. As 60% of the piano is made up of wood, SingArts enforces strict selection of wood for our production. Only the finest woods made it to our factory. Different woods are kept in the correct temperature and environment for storage before using for production. This will not only enhance the stability and durability of SingArts pianos but also to ensure excellent sound production.

SingArts piano uses European technology for production. Each piano will go through 5 tunings and each tuning takes about 30 to 50 minutes to ensure the birth of an exceptional master piece.


Germany-imported Roslau steel wire, Advanced automation equipment for string installation, Three-And-A-Half standard for string winding, to ensure the pure sound quality and stable pitch.


Made up of laminated wood boards, bending pressure design, accurate and fast audio frequency response


Use wooden pedal lever to reduce resonance noise in the cabinet


Multilayer hardwood laminated structure, stable holding power for the pins


The 88 keys on each piano are cut from the same piece of solid wood, to ensure stable touch feeling and performance.


3rd Generation super-response action machine, is the soul and the most important part of SingArts piano, which has high requirements of durability, stability and extraordinary performance.


SingArts piano uses FFW, ABEL and Renner hammers imported from Germany while the Ambic high quality hammers come from Japan as the wool felt hammers are the most important part in piano manufacture. When combined, the hardness and elasticity produces rich and acoustic sound.